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Equity Release

When it comes to equity release in Hampshire we are the experts. Whether it’s to live a more comfortable retirement, travel, improve your home, be free of debt repayments or set your family and loved ones up for life we can help. If you are thinking about taking out an equity release plan, one of our advisers can understand your needs, current circumstances and aspirations and then construct a personalised illustration to match.

The two main types of Equity Release Plans are:

Lifetime Mortgages

A loan taken out against your home, you won’t normally make payments towards it instead interest is accrued against the value of the home and is repaid when you pass away, move into permanent care or sell your home.

Home Reversion

This is where you sell all or part of your home to a provider, there is usually no interest or rent to pay.

In both circumstances you retain ownership of your own home.

Often lifetime mortgages are not the best option, so we will always look at other options first. There are a number of plans available to match certain needs and wants for all types of situations.

No matter what stage of enquiry you are at, we can provide you with advice that will help you decide what’s best.

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